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Hello lovely,

I’m Laura: mom, wife, and lover of all things pretty!  Most days you can find me helping teenagers learn math (calculus, anyone?) and dreaming up new ideas for this little shop of mine while I process orders.  I live for the cuddles I get from my little man as he settles down for the night.

I create beautiful, custom items for modern moms who are looking for organic and ethically-made family apparel of the highest quality and style.  I am lucky to provide them with pieces that celebrate life’s sweetest moments and it absolutely makes my day when customers send/tag me in photos of the apparel in action.

When I’m not busy being a mom boss, you can catch me living that #momlife.  Right now, we’re working on writing letters, and our favourite place to hang out is at Indigo.  Toys for him and Starbucks for me: win-win!  We have an exciting year of changes ahead of us, with Claudio starting school this fall, and a new baby arriving in the winter. 

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:

  1. I’m the eldest of 3 girls.  My sisters would probably say that I’m the “bossy” one, but I just like to think of it as being a strong leader.
  2. Dance has always been one of my passions and before having kids, I did ballroom dancing.  Some day I will get back to it!
  3. I cannot go into HomeSense, Marshalls, or Target without spending money.  The struggle is real.
  4. My favourite place to visit is Italy.  The food, the sights, the culture, the shopping… what more could a girl ask for?
  5. With both of my pregnancies I have had a constant craving for Smarties Blizzards.  However, I try to restrict myself to 1 (ok… 2) a week.

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