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Like many girls, my love of fashion started early. During “Show and Tell” in kindergarten, instead of showing off a new Barbie doll, or sharing a story about a family vacation, I would stand up in front of the class and describe my outfit – basically #ootd before it was a hashtag. My penchant for custom fashion also blossomed over the years. In a high school business class, I created a mock website for a made-up business that enabled users to customize shoes to their liking - again, before this was a real thing.

"Today I am wearing my favourite corduroy overalls from OshKosh's Fall 1990 ready-to-wear collection..." 

Fast forward to my #momlife and planning for my son Claudio's first cake smash photoshoot. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted him to wear, but was having trouble making that vision come to life. I checked on Etsy (shout out to my fellow shop mamas who are killing it there), but most shops that offered what I was looking for were based in the US. And let’s be honest, no one wants to pay more in shipping than the item itself costs. I found a local company that did an iron-on, but I had to supply the bodysuit and the design left much to be desired. Worse, it ended up costing me about the same as it would have to ship one from the States. 

Photography: Lynn Fulton Photography

For Claudio’s second birthday I decided to try making one on my own. I loved the process of creating something truly unique and special for my little guy, and to my surprise received quite a few compliments on the finished product. With that confidence and motivation, I made a few more as baby gifts for family and friends. The reception exceeded expectations and eventually I started getting special requests. With some encouragement (and technical support) from my husband and family, A Life She Loves was born.  

The journey to becoming a mom boss has been incredible. It is truly a privilege to do something that not only brings me joy, but also allows me to share in your joy. Seeing your family wearing these pieces means the world.

Photography: Sylena Marie Photography | Submitted by: Helen Smith

So what’s next? Stick with me on the blog for an insider’s look. I'll share some behind the scenes stuff, showcase new products and suppliers, and even feature other Canadian shops who are game changers in the world of organic and eco-friendly children's goods.  

Thanks for joining me from the beginning - I can't wait to see where this takes us! 





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